Updated on 07 May 2016


LPS-D1/P2 light pollution filter

- Suppresses the emission lines of mercury and sodium lamps while maximizing transmission of lights from planets and stars

LPS-D1 filter for color sensor

LPS-D1-28.6mm (1.25") mounted ... HK$1,330 (accepting order 接受訂貨)

LPS-D1-37mm mounted ... HK$1,350 (in stock 現貨)

LPS-D1-48mm (2") mounted ... HK$1,410 (in stock 現貨)

LPS-D1-52mm mounted ... HK$1,410 (in stock 現貨)

LPS-D1-58mm mounted ... HK$1,560 (accepting order)

LPS-D1-62mm mounted ... HK$2,240 (accepting order)

LPS-D1-72mm mounted ... HK$2,460 (accepting order)

LPS-D1-77mm mounted ... HK$2,610 (accepting order)

LPS-D1-82mm mounted ... HK$2,750 (accepting order)

LPS-D1-EOS APS-C clip ... HK$1,480 (in stock 現貨)


LPS-D1-EOSF full frame clip ... HK$2,160 (in stock 現貨)


LPS-P2 filter for mono sensor

LPS-P2-28.6mm (1.25") mounted ... HK$1,330 (accepting order 接受訂貨)

LPS-P2-31mm unmounted, 3mm thick ... HK$1,410 (accepting order)

LPS-P2-36mm unmounted, 3mm thick ... HK$1,410 (accepting order)

LPS-P2-50mm unmounted, 3mm thick ... HK$1,410 (accepting order)

LPS-P2-48mm (2") mounted ... HK$1,410 (in stock 現貨)

LPS-P2-52mm mounted ... HK$1,410 (in stock 現貨)

LPS-P2-82mm mounted ... HK$2,590 (in stock 現貨)


LPS-V4 nebula filter

- High performance, semi-narrow-band pass filter intended for for nebulae observations

LPS-V4-28.6mm (1.25") mounted ... HK$1,330 (accepting order 接受訂貨)

LPS-V4-37mm mounted ... HK$1,350 (in stock 現貨)

LPS-V4-48mm (2") mounted ... HK$1,410 (in stock 現貨)

LPS-V4-52mm mounted ... HK$1,410 (in stock 現貨)

LPS-V4-EOS APS-C clip ... HK$1,480 (in stock 現貨)



EOS APS-C 37mm filter holder ring ... HK$290 (in stock 現貨)


D1 / V4 filters for Nikon DSLR camera

LPS-D1-N1 / LPS-V4-FF-N1 for D40, D40x, D80 & D90 ... HK$1,780 (accepting order)

LPS-D1-N2 / LPS-V4-FF-N2 for D5000 ... HK$1,780 (accepting order)

LPS-D1-N3 / LPS-V4-FF-N3 for D5100 ... HK$1,780 (accepting order)

LPS-D1-N4 / LPS-V4-FF-N4 for D7000 / D7100 ... HK$1,780 (LPS-D1-N4 in stock 現貨)

LPS-D1-N5 / LPS-V4-FF-N5 for D5200 / D5300 ... HK$1,780 (accepting order)


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